With every project we are driven to create sustainable spaces, promote community
building and encourage interaction with the natural world. Our firm will always strive
to ask the right questions, research the best solutions and provide our clients, our
community and our environment with the best services.

Additionally, McLane Associates will strive:

  • To efficiently facilitate project completion that is within budget and on schedule;

  • To apply accepted concepts, fresh and creative ideas, and promising new technology
    and techniques to project designs;

  • To use an interdisciplinary approach for projects that merges concepts from landscape
    architecture with the sciences to concurrently satisfy our clients’ needs and reduce or
    reverse human impacts on our environment;

  • To remember that nature is always a client - the need for environmental protection and
    restoration should be considered during all projects.



The firm was established in 1989 by the current principal, Thomas J. McLane. Tom is a licensed
landscape architect in the states of Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York. Prior to
establishment, Tom accrued sound academic accomplishments and over ten years of professional
landscape architectural experience throughout the Middle Atlantic and Eastern United States.
Armed with his credentials, his reputation and of course a PA – LA License, Tom then ventured
where few landscape architects had gone before him – back to his home in Northeastern Pennsylvania.